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This is a Server Where there is Free Vip from 00-11 hours lasermine, ammo pack, bank, jetpack, special item for VIP, admin online 24/7 real bunxa Server.

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1 FAQ REGULMENT on Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:46 am



-All of players who have hack , but first you must do DEMO.
-It is forbidden only admins.


-All players who: promove a server or someting, have inappropriat language , or they are violation with players or admins.


-The zombies who dont attack ( three) 3 slaps are maxim.


-We kill the players with amx_slay if them are out on game , afk , if they do block or are last and don't attack.
-We do that with last zombies , if they want run and don't attack.
-In the mod nemesis (BOSS) time, can let free only first time in that round , if no Slay.
-Exemple for black :when somebody lrt free for a good friend and ge block other persoana on bihind him .


-Amx_votemap you can use in the last five (5) minuts of map !
-After when you use amx_votemap you let a BONUS round.


-You can use zp_human , zp_zombie , zp_respawn if the current round is simply infection.
-You can use one(1) only them on the maps.


-Zp_nemesis , zp_survivor , you can use twice two at 12 hours.
_You can use first on you and one thr players present on server.
-It is only forbidden this comand only admins.

1. First deviation : five (5) day SUSPEND.

2.Twice deviation : SUSPEND firever and you will be can't be admin our server.


-We put this "FAQ" to see who read the ruls and who NO.

-What are you must do request admin in front on FAQ RULS : 5x5=?

Ruls for administrators and players

-Is forbidden to use simething scripts for exemple "BUNNY HOP" etc.
-It is forbidden to cursing(this incloud and admin chat).
-It ia forbidden to request explication an admin if he don't use nothing on you.
-It is forbidden to request mods on admin.
-It is forbidden to buy much more one(1) mod for admins.


-It is forbidden to use amx_votemap if you don't finish at a comlrament with all admins present on the server.
-It is forbidden to use this comands: amx_slay , amx_kick only to advantage you in the game.
-It id forbidden this comands amx_slap , amx_kick , amx_slay uf that the player din't do nothing.
-It is forbidden to use the comand zp_ in first twi round off the map.
-It isforbidden to use zp_nemesis , zp_survivor etc ..... On onother admins.
-It is forbidden to reguest jetpack off players.
-It is forbidden to use much more off comand ZP and AMX !!!
-It is forbidden to kick the spectators !!!!!
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