[lm+ammo Packs+JP+Special GUns+Vip0-11]

This is a Server Where there is Free Vip from 00-11 hours lasermine, ammo pack, bank, jetpack, special item for VIP, admin online 24/7 real bunxa Server.

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1 MODEL cerere HELPER on Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:43 am


-ID Yahoo Messenger:
-Do you have steam?/name :
-What hour you stay :
-how old are you? :
-Your Birthday :
-How hours you play on our server ( you must have 30h on GameTracker) :
-You can help us with money pay the server or drops ? yes/no :
-You give like at fb profile ILEGALZONE https://www.facebook...e.ilegalzone.ro.yes/no :
-TeamSpeak 3 Installed?:
-Where you know our server? :
-FAQ Rules :

!!!! All Admin/Helper must to enter on TeamSpeak3 at every meeting !!! If no Remove !!!!

At hours played on our server you must put the link with you hours !!!

For request you will have 19 questions! If you answer at 15 corect you pass if don't request rejected in that moment no contra/pro

1.At what help the slot ?:
2.Agressive language adressed at an admin is sanction with?
3.What doing the command amx_last?:
4.At what help us amx_map?:
5.Agressive language adressed on the player is sanction with?:
6.When a player have aim and don't see in the image/picture what are you doing?:
7.At what help us amx_slay?:
8.At what help us amx_slap?:
9.At what help us amx_psay?:
10.At what help us amx_vote?:
11At what help us amx_nick?:
12.At what help us amx_who?:
13.At what help us amx_help?:
14.At what help us amx_kick?:
15.At what help us amx_chat?:
16.At what help us amx_csay
17.At what help us amx_cancelvote?:
18.What comand must use to see the ip on a player who exit into the game?:
19.At what help us amx_pika?:

To accept this reguest must:
-To create a beautigul reguest.
-All players know you , and have a good reputation.
-To have a lot of pro.
-To donate.
-To have time and wait last decision !

The most IMPORTANT you must READ "THE RULZ" !!![

If whe reguest is reject you can create a new reaguest after 7 days !

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